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Nieuwsbericht 13 jul. 2022, 09:00 CEST

NIBC Shipping portfolio surpasses EUR 1 billion milestone

This year, NIBC’s Shipping activities have seen a steady growth of financings and as a result surpassed the EUR 1 billion milestone.

By recently sharpening NIBC’s strategy to focus on asset-based financing solutions, we have defined a clear and ambitious growth path for the Shipping portfolio. We are open for business to ship owners that are underserved when it comes to receiving financing. NIBC also helps by financing ballast water treatment systems to eliminate biodiversity impacts, scrubbers to reduce climate impacts and other fuel efficiency measures to help ship owners to reduce the impacts of vessels on the environment and decarbonise.

Michael de Visser, Head of Shipping at NIBC: “As NIBC we have more than 50 years of experience in ship financing and with our through-the-cycle financing policy we have proven to be a steady and reliable partner in all stages of the shipping cycle. We see that the financing need for ship owners is growing. NIBC has always been active in the smaller and medium sized segment and we will continue to focus on specifically this group of business, with the ambition to grow our Shipping portfolio further.”

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