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Persbericht 04 jun. 2019, 13:00 CEST

NIBC nominates Jeroen Kremers as member of the Supervisory Board

NIBC is pleased to announce that the Supervisory Board intends to nominate Jeroen Kremers for appointment as member of the Supervisory Board of NIBC Holding N.V. and NIBC Bank N.V.. After appointment by the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Supervisory Board will elect Jeroen Kremers as Chair of the Audit Committee. The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) has given its approval to the proposed appointment. The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders required for the appointment will be convened in due course.

Jeroen Kremers (1958) was CRO and Vice-Chairman of the Managing Board of The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V. until 2014. Before that he worked with ABN AMRO and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and held various management positions within the Ministry of Finance, amongst which Director Financial Markets and Deputy Treasurer-General.

Jeroen Kremers is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Robeco and member of the Supervisory Board of Dutch Railways (NS). Furthermore he is, among other things, Crown Member of the Supervisory Board of the Bar Association (College van Toezicht Advocatuur) and member of the Capital Markets Committee of the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).


Dick Sluimers, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NIBC:
"We are pleased to have been able to attract such a qualified and prominent person as Jeroen Kremers to the NIBC Supervisory Board. With his knowledge of the international financial markets and his extensive experience as a non-executive director, he is a valuable addition to our Supervisory Board.”

Paulus de Wilt, CEO of NIBC: "We look forward to welcoming Jeroen Kremers to the NIBC Supervisory Board. He is well engaged in the financial markets and brings with him an extensive network. We will certainly benefit from his experience and insights, especially for the Audit Committee.”

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