We recognise the impact that our actions have on the world around us and look to act in a responsible and sustainable manner. To build further on our sustainability in the years ahead, we have focused on four key areas that we monitor and measure on an ongoing basis: trust and integrity, people, environment and society.


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Trust and Integrity

As a financial products and services provider, we understand the role we must play in helping to restore trust in our industry. To this end, we continuously work to inspire, maintain and strengthen the trust of our clients, employees and other stakeholders.

Our frameworks, standards and policies are the basis for our culture of integrity and trust. This culture is further upheld through our values and everyday actions, especially when dealing with dilemmas that are not inherently right or wrong. We avoid activities and transactions that border on the permissible or go against the spirit of the law or ethical principles of proper conduct. Being transparent about how we deal with these dilemmas, both internally and externally, helps to build trust.

NIBC’s policies and principles to support integrity, transparency and compliance include our Code of Conduct, Business Principles and Compliance Framework.

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We offer a stimulating working environment where our people feel safe and feel free to be themselves. Respect and inclusiveness are important values. And we invest in the development and growth of our people, because our success ultimately depends on both the quality and the job satisfaction of our people.


We manage our direct impact on the environment through an environmental sustainability programme.

Carbon neutral

NIBC has been a carbon-neutral organisation since 2010. This means we measure our direct carbon emissions, realise substantial reductions and look to offset remaining emissions. Through awareness programmes, we encourage employees to take their personal environmental responsibilities seriously.

Offsetting measures were implemented via the purchase of Verified Emissions Reduction credits from the Climate Neutral Group. These credits meet stringent international criteria and are generated through carbon offset projects such as wind farms, hydropower plants, solar panels and biogas and bio compost.

We aim to continue reducing our carbon footprint in the years ahead. We will also continue to work with clients, peers and other stakeholders to develop a framework for the indirect emissions of the financial sector.

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