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Safe workplace

NIBC is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our employees. We have an extensive Health and Safety policy in which is explained how, when and with whom you can get in touch when it comes down to these subjects.

As part of our Health and Safety protocol, we have assigned internal and external people to ensure the safe environment of our workplace.

Managers, our Company Doctor, Confidential Advisors and our Vitality Committee are all dedicated to making our workplace a safe one to be in and we actively involve employees to create a safe workplace together.

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What is Diversity and Inclusion for NIBC

Diversity and Inclusion for NIBC is about ensuring everyone feels right at home within our organisation. We also make sure to employ a diverse mix of people representing different ages, backgrounds, educations, ethnicities, and genders. 


To continuously contribute to Diversity & Inclusion, NIBC has set certain goals, raising awareness, launching initiatives, and activities together with colleagues. Examples are:

  • Pride @ NIBC
  • Women's Month and Movember @ NIBC
  • Workshops that can be followed or masterclasses that can be taken, that will help you navigate your way in our multicultural environment

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