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Sustainability Regulatory Disclosures - NEIF

For sustainability (SFDR) disclosures by and information from NIBC Bank N.V., please click here.

EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation regarding NIBC Infrastructure Partners and NIBC European Infrastructure Fund

NIBC Infrastructure Partners I B.V., as General Partner of NIBC European Infrastructure Fund I C.V., publishes disclosures in line with SFDR requirements. We kindly refer to these under the “Downloads” section on this page.

No consideration of adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors

Pursuant to Article 4(1)(b) SFDR jo. Article 12 Delegated Regulation, the Fund Manager indicates in this separate section of its website that it does not currently consider any adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors.

The Fund Manager does not currently do so because no new investment decisions and investments can be made where the investment period of the Fund has closed several years ago. It is therefore not considered possible or proportionate, also more generally given the stage of the Fund and the size, nature and scale of the activities for the Fund, to consider adverse impacts of any investment decisions on sustainability factors as set out in Article 4 paragraph 1(b) SFDR as supplemented by Article 12 Delegated Regulation. It is for the same reasons neither expected that the Fund Manager will or can later consider any such adverse impacts by reference to among others the indicators in Table 1 of Annex I of the Delegated Regulation. These disclosures will be reviewed at least annually.

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