News Release 16 Sep 2022, 12:30 CEST

NIBC’s Infrastructure business delivered strong H1 results, showing that our chosen strategy is paying off

NIBC looks back at a successful first half year, in which the NIBC Infrastructure segment has closed 15 financing transactions, showing a growth of the portfolio with almost 19% to EUR 1.415 billion, including the milestone of the close of its first EV charging transaction. Over the past six months, NIBC Infrastructure has financed infrastructure assets for clients such as IPI Partners, Vantage, InstaVolt, Open Fiber, Eurofiber, Ark Data Centres and Deutsche Glasfaser.

Jan Willem van Roggen, Head of Infrastructure: “We can be proud of our strong results in the first half year, while operating in dynamic economic conditions that will likely remain challenging this year. So far the digital infrastructure business has shown strong resilience and is expected to grow further in the coming years. We expect that the number of energy transition related transactions will also grow at an accelerated pace going forward. NIBC’s Infrastructure business is well positioned to continue the execution of its business strategy as the trusted professional, entrepreneurial and inventive financial partner for infrastructure clients and projects with a ticket size of EUR 15 million up to EUR 50 million within the UK and Europe.”

NIBC’s overall Asset-backed & Specialty financing segment, including the Infrastructure business, grew by 15.5%, driven by a strong origination in all asset classes. These strong results confirm that our chosen strategy is paying off. Over the past half year we reinforced our position providing asset financing to both individuals and companies, ranging from private housing to rental property, commercial real estate, vessels, infrastructure, cars and equipment. In line with the execution of our strategy, we have sold our Offshore Energy and Leveraged Finance portfolios.

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