News Release 04 Jul 2023, 12:00 CEST

NIBC expands finance offering in the residential real estate sector to a number of major cities in Europe

NIBC, the entrepreneurial asset financier, is broadening its finance offering in the residential real estate sector across a number of major cities in Europe. Building upon the successful expansion of our Dutch commercial real estate financing activities into the United Kingdom last year, with a specific focus on the residential real estate | Living sector, NIBC is now extending its reach further into new territories. We are excited to announce our extended focus, enabling us to cater to a wider range of clients.

The decision to expand is aimed at addressing the growing demand for new high-quality and sustainable residential accommodations. By providing support to our clients across a number of geographies, NIBC aims to foster the development and success of their real estate projects. As part of the expanded finance offering, NIBC provides comprehensive financing solutions to support the development and growth of residential | Living assets, such as purpose-built student accommodation, Build to Rent, co-living and senior living schemes. These include construction and investment financing products in club deals tailored for residential real estate, ranging in ticket size from EUR 15 to 30 million, and always with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and client-driven services.

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