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News Release 02 Jun 2023, 13:00 CEST

NIBC Direct and NIBC Vastgoed Hypotheek are renamed to NIBC

As of today, the mortgage and savings labels NIBC Direct and NIBC Vastgoed Hypotheek are renamed and rebranded to the parent brand, NIBC. This strategic name change is an integral part of NIBC’s renewed positioning and branding efforts. Over the years, our mortgage and savings business has grown substantially, becoming one of the bank’s core activities. Therefore, now is the momentum to position NIBC as a unified brand that enables ambitions of both consumers and businesses.

Continuing to build on brand value
Through this renewed branding, NIBC aims to enhance brand visibility, consistency, and establish a stronger and clearer market position. The new branding and visual identity have already been implemented across NIBC’s customer journeys for savings, mortgages, and business clients. An important part of this is the launch of the renewed NIBC website. Additionally, in June, a new mortgage and savings marketing campaign will start across various channels, further boosting NIBC’s brand visibility.

Paulus de Wilt, Chief Executive Officer NIBC:
“I am proud with today’s milestone, emphasising the successful execution of our focused strategy as asset financier. It was only a few months ago, NIBC introduced its new brand proposition, and now we have already implemented our focused brand portfolio, reflecting our adaptive and entrepreneurial spirit.

This marks an exciting chapter in NIBC's journey, reinforcing our commitment to delivering the services while building a strong and recognisable brand presence for our clients.”

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